Privacy Policy

PreviewAR and its developer (Toby Duffy) take your privacy very seriously. PreviewAR does not collect any identifiable or personal information about its users, and does not sell or rent your data. Only anonymous crash & usage data is collected to prioritise bug fixes, feature development and identify crash issues.

What information does PreviewAR collect?

PreviewAR never collects or stores any personal, identifiable or sensitive (commercially or otherwise) information such as 3D model files or texture files imported into the app by the user.

PreviewAR collects anonymised metadata through Apple’s inbuilt metrics system, providing the developer with aggregated statistics on session length, crashes, device type and locale.

For analytics and crash reporting, PreviewAR also uses Firebase Analytics & Crashlytics []. To understand Google’s use of this data please consult Google’s Partner Privy Policy ( PreviewAR does not collect cookies such as unique device identifiers for advertising (e.g. IDFA) through this service.

This data provides the developer with anonymised, aggregated event tracking and tracks things like which model format types are producing the most errors and how often certain features or settings are used.

What does PreviewAR do with my data?

The anonymised crash reporting data collected are used to support users and fix issues within the app, without relying on detailed user reporting. The anonymised analytics data are used to direct development efforts and prioritise support for specific features and devices. Sales data provided by Apple and other aggregated statistics may be used for marketing purposes.

How can I opt out of anonymised data collection?

You can disable Apple’s analytic reports by navigating on your iOS device to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Share With App Developers and toggling the switch to Off.

To disable anonymised crash reporting and analytics with Firebase, navigate in PreviewAR to Settings > About > Crash Reports & Analytics and toggle the switch to Off.

Updates to this policy

This privacy policy will be updated as necessary to stay compliant with relevant laws. The revised version will be indicated by a new “Last Updated” date and will become effective as soon as it is accessible. You are encouraged to review this privacy policy frequently to stay informed of how your information is protected.


If you have questions or comments about this policy, you may email:

Last Updated: 25/01/2023